The Renovation Project

An agreement has been reached between the Brooklands Museum Ltd and AC Heritage Ltd to allow the restoration of the BARC Members Hill Restaurant, in order to provide the museum with additional visitor attraction in the form of a real time vintage and classic vehicle restoration and construction building.

Agreement with Elmbridge Borough Council (Local Authority) and English Heritage has resulted in planning approval for the restoration and continued use of the buildings.

Clearance of the buildings has now been finished and the boards have been removed from the windows, revealing the original appearance of the buildings for the first time in over 25 years. Detailed structural surveys are under way to enable a true economic profile to be produced. Work has also been started to make the roof weatherproof and protect the interior from more damage.

Restoration work will be closely monitored by both English Heritage and Brooklands Museum to ensure important aspects of the 90 plus year old buildings are strictly maintained. It will be a sympathetic restoration allowing visitors to be exposed to how the building would have looked in its heyday, whilst also bringing life to true English craftsmanship at its best.

History Of The Building

During the 1939-45 War the buildings were used as accommodation for troops stationed at the Track to defend the Vickers aircraft factory. The reminiscences of a telephone engineer in the 90th (Middlesex) HAA Regiment 284 Battery are on record in the Museum.

The buildings were maintained and used by the aircraft factory for storage and the seasoning of timber during the post-war years. Since the Museum was established in the late 1980s, the buildings have been used for storage of both exhibits awaiting restoration and site maintenance equipment.Both buildings are Listed Grade II and are a part of the Brooklands Members Hill scheduled monument.