Brooklands Motor Company

Brooklands Motor Company was founded in 1990 by Mr Steve Gray who initially started off his career at Esher Coach Works in Esher, Surrey. From there he moved onto the Brabham factory in Byfleet where he carried out work on many vehicles, specifically racing cars. Brabham was similar to a formula one team back in the 1960's.

Steve started in this line of work due to passion, this led to the acquistion of extremely high skills in the area. By the age of 25 (1987) Steve was earning on average 600 pounds per week working for other people. It was at this stage the realisation of vast profits that were being made within the company dawned on him.

This motivated Steve to set up his own business in 1990, cutting out the middle man once and for all.

The Brabham Factory

Motor Racing Developments Ltd, commonly known as Brabham was a British racing car manufacturer and Formula One racing team. Brabham was founded by two Australians; driver Jack Brabham and designer Ron Tauranac. The team won six world championships in its 30 year Formula One History. During the 1960s, Brabham was the worlds largest manufacturer of open wheel racing cars for sale to customers teams, and by 1970 had built more than 500 cars.