Revelation of Progress

This year, the renovation project at the top of test hill, the new location for Brooklands Motor Company Group was open to the public. With some of the building work still underway, half of the building was bordered off yet the work in progress could still be seen and compared to the pristine and immaculate finish of the other half. The restored part of the building was used as a showroom for many historic vehicles such as the red 1945 AC Ace, registered RPO 826. There were several cars on show acting as prime examples of the beautiful vehicles that the company produces today.

Brooklands Double Twelve

The event name originates from the fact that originally period cars were not allowed to race for 24 hours straight, therefore they split the race over two days, hence Double Twelve.

Every year, the Brooklands Double Twelve Motor Festival takes place to celebrate the anniversary of its original opening date, 17th June 1907. It is always a great success. This year it took place on the 16th-17th of June and saw over 5,500 people attending over the two days. The events included approximately 140 classic and vintage cars taking part in driving tests and competitions over the two days. Whilst, up to 100 pre-war cars took part in the speed trials, a sprint on the adjoining Mercedes Benz World circuit.

As usual, the Sunday comprised of the notorious Test Hill Challenge, where everything from bicycles, motorcycles to pre-war racing cars tackled the steep test hill.

Brooklands was the worlds first purpose-built motorsport venue, as well as being home to one of Britains first airfields. The track hosted its last race in 1939, and as we know it today is Brooklands Museum, a motoring and aviation museum.

Double Twelve will return in 2013, on the 15th-16th of June.